Top 5 Apple Pay FAQs

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Top 5 Apple Pay FAQs

Apple pay has become one of the most popular mobile pay methods of today and it seems as though more people are choosing this form than ever before. You can’t blame people for looking at Apple pay as well as other mobile payment methods as its quite convenient and useful for a variety of merchants and customers alike. The following are just five of the top Apple Pay FAQs you might want to know about in order to understand this feature more. click here for more details.

What’s Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is quite simply a method in which people can pay for goods. It is a mobile payment method and this method can enable you to visit a retailer and make an effortless transaction without the need to type in any credit card information, not even your pin number. For Apple Pay, the mobile pay feature enables you to use Apple’s Touch ID when you want to purchase something. There are lots of simple features for you to use and paying with this method is far easier than you think.

Which Apple Devices Will Work with Apple Pay?

Right now, there are only a certain few devices in which Apple Pay works with but most of the newer Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad will allow you to make transactions. Some of the older devices might not be so compatible but most people will have an updated version of the smart phones. Mobile pay is great, however, and you shouldn’t run into too much trouble with Apple Pay. However, if you are concerned you can look at the compatibility on Apple device pages to find out more. If a device has a Secure Element chip then the device should be able to work with the mobile payment feature. to know more about payments, visit :

Top 5 Apple Pay FAQs

Will I Be Able to Use Apple Pay with My Current Bank?

Major banks throughout the United States of America usually are compatible with Apple Pay so if you have a bank account with one of the major banks you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. Of course, there are over 500 banks that actually support mobile pay such as Apple Pay. If you are not too sure, you can always contact your local branch and enquire about it more. Most people won’t have too much trouble with Apple Pay being compatible with their banks.

Is Mobile Pay Secure?

Mobile payments are a lot more secure than what they used to be and that is ideal to say the least. It’s your fingerprint which actually authorizes the payment so if there is no match with your print there is no payment. That can be so important when it comes to mobile pay and getting a simple transaction made. Of course, security is improving all the time and newer security features may also be in play to help secure mobile payments.

Will I Need a Pin Number?

There is no need for pin numbers with this system. That is one of the more unique features to Apple Pay and it can certainly enable you to get a simpler way to make payments. Mobile pay such as Apple Pay can be very useful and it works with fingerprints so again, there’s no need for any pin numbers or additional cards to use for payments either.

Making Mobile Payments Easier

Mobile payments are the new craze and while you might not think too much about them now, they can become very valuable to you. There has never been a better time to look into mobile payments and Apple Pay is one of the very best options to consider today too. Mobile pay is a great concept and once you get to know more about Apple Pay, you can feel far more comfortable in using it.

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How Mobile Payments Reshape Lifestyles

Mobile pay is unique. For the past few years, people have been looking to a new form of payment—mobile pay—and it is reshaping the way we live our lives. Yet, it does seem as though millions are a little unsure of this new form of payment and it’s easy to see why. Let’s be honest, anything new is a strange concept to most of us and when you don’t want to put your money at risk, you can often look away from mobile payments. However, mobile pay is quite a useful concept and it is reshaping most lifestyles too. Read on to find out how mobile payments reshape lifestyles.

It’s Easier to Make Payments Online and Offline

Buying goods online and offline is extremely popular and you want to make each transaction as simple as possible. Despite what you might think, you can use mobile pay both online and offline and that is ideal to say the least. Being able to make payments wherever and whenever is important and with mobile payment you can do just that. That’s why more are choosing to use mobile payments and, in a way, it can be a very simple solution too. click here for more about mobile pay.

How Mobile Payments Reshape Lifestyles

No Need to Carry Wallets Anymore

Who finds it difficult to carry around a wallet full of cash? Let’s be honest, when you want to make a few purchases, you don’t want to have to carry around thousands of dollars each day and it’s just not practical either! However, when you look at mobile pay you can often find that you make payments far easier and you don’t need to carry around a wallet. You might want to carry around a wallet but it’s not always the best solution and for most people they will prefer to do business and purchase goods in a better manner. With mobile payment options you can find it’s possible to avoid carrying a wallet.

People Love the Digital Age

In all honesty, mobile payments are reshaping lifestyles simply because people love modern life and, of course, the digital age. It’s reshaping our lives on a daily basis and while you might not think too much about mobile pay it’s really quite important. There are far more people who are looking into the mobile payment avenue so they can get more value for money. The digital age is causing thousands to turn to the latest craze and that is mobile payments. Mobile payment is the way forward. for more details, visit :

Embrace Mobile Pay

Mobile payments are unusual and unique to say the least and yet it seems as though more people are choosing this option than ever before. In a way, it can be a great way to make transactions without the need to chip in pin numbers. Who hasn’t forgotten their pin at one time? However, when you look at mobile payment options you can avoid all that and more! Mobile pay is a great solution and certainly something more and more are looking to each and every day.

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Apple vs. Samsung and the Mobile Pay Battle

There is no doubt mobile pay has become a major contributing factor for millions of businesses and customers worldwide. Being able to pay merchants digitally is very important and it does seem as though there is a major battle going on between Apple and Samsung. These are the two biggest companies right now and it seems as though their battle has moved onto mobile pay! So, who is winning the battle and who will ultimately win the war? click here for further info.

Beginnings and Evolution

Apple was the first to launch its mobile pay platform with its Apple Pay feature and then soon after came Samsung Pay. When Apple first launched its mobile platform, it really took the world by storm and while a lot of people were a bit skeptical of using the platform, it has soon brought millions to its doors. Samsung is promising to offer its unique paying system and they are both competing for a share of the possible one hundred billion plus of the mobile pay world.

Features with Samsung

One of the very smart and possibly best features with Samsung pay is the fact that if you own a S6, you have the ability to make a transaction with just your fingerprint! That is really quite good as you only have one print and no one else can get it! It will make payments easier to authorize and will make life easier too. Of course, Apple Pay offers a similar feature with the Touch ID sensor on their iPhones. However, mobile pay features such as this can be an ideal option for most to feel more comfortable authorizing payments. for related details, click on :


Who’s winning the Battle?

In truth, it’s hard to say simply because both are doing really well. Right now, it’s claimed Apple is open to twenty million merchants whereas Samsung is available to over 30 so there is a real difference. It might be that for the moment Apple is winning the battle in terms of when it first came to the market and how long it has been around but it might just be that Samsung wins the battle. Of course, it’s not a cert as anything can happen but it does look as though the fight is long from over! You can’t predict the shift between Samsung and Apple as the two giants are constantly at loggerheads and now with mobile pay it’s increasing the rivalry.

Outcomes and Rivalries

In truth, you are going to see shifts between Samsung and Apple as the two try to constantly outdo one another. On one hand you are going to have Apple that is winning the race for technology dominance and then there is Samsung which is also making a very big impact. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between one another and it is really difficult to pick a winner. This is a long standing rivalry however and it will continue as the years roll by too. Mobile pay is important but the overall winner, which is not so clear.

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